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    I like this one, though the spikes on the tail don't really look right... Maybe they have too dark of an outline?
    These...are a little scary The magkid is actually really good, props to you on that one, Elactamar's head is a, I don't know how to explain it, Just about everything on Electimortar is bad, no offense, but the stripes just don't look right, the arms don't look like they're in a natural position, the shading is a little weird, and those round antennae things look 2D.
    This one would look better if it didn't have those hands, IMO. Better than anything I could do, though
    I don't really like this one at all, it all looks 2D except for the head.
    Best sprite so far, I don't see anything wrong with it at first glance
    This one...creeps me out. It looks kinda flat and the arms are completely different sizes.

    -sorry about color.
    This one is way too busy. The color is fine, but there's way too much stuff on it
    There's really nothing wrong with this, other than the fact that it looks a little weird
    I love this one, though I see a few minor outlining issues
    Again, a little too busy, and the shading on the main body doesn't look very natural
    I've seen worrse, though, again, the shading doesn't look very natural. Don't try so hard to get it right.
    What is it, exactly?

    -this one is AWESOME.
    It is pretty cool, though the arms look like they'd fall off at any moment
    I really don't know what to say about this...
    This one looks really bad, and it is way too short.
    This is why you never interrupt a ditto when it is transforming...
    Not TERRRIBLE, but not amazing either. Very cute though, not much else to say...
    No comment
    I absolutely love this on, I don't see anything wrong with it
    Another shading issue, and don't use that much dithering

    -still ghost and flying lol.
    A little bland, but that cloud is really annoying me. Go with a lighter outline.

    -it's... A roboooot(Spongebob episode "Krab Borg")
    The outline on this one doesn't really look right...

    -Nyoxys! Dun dun dun! It will kill you! ..........................It stinks, I know...
    This one seriously burns my eyes, tone it down a little, please
    The neck on this one looks looks like the bones are bigger around than everything else in the neck

    -12 pokemon fusion! Woo!
    Stick with simple fusions for now...
    This gets another no
    [b]This really creeps me out. It prbably wouldn't even happen in the Pokemon world
    Comments in the spoiler. I couldn't be bothered to comment on all of them, but the overall look for these is work on your shading and anatomy.

    ^ This one is 500 px long for sure