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    Originally Posted by Atomic Reactor View Post
    Someone new to this section wouldn't know that [RMXP] means it's not a hack. They are allowed to be in any section they want. They're just trying to be supportive of a game. If they call it a hack, it's just a common mistake. We game developers really should have gotten use to it by now, because most fans don't read, they just look at the screensots. If you see them make the mistake, then politely correct them, there's no need to attack them verbally lol. We all just need to chill out, sure it gets irritating at times. But we've all made our fair share of mistakes...
    I fully agree with you Atomic. As much as you'd all like to go and kick up a huge fuss about someone saying the wrong thing, like calling it a hack, its not gonna change the fact that it'll just happen again and again. There's always new people coming onto PC and most of them are just gonna take a glance and post something along those lines. Why waste our time on something so trivial, lets just correct them and move on. Or even better yet, just ignore it! It's not like its our game they're talking about so lets leave it up to Wichu who he wants to correct and who not.
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