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Name- Jeremy Actae

Age- 14

Sex- Male

Pokemon Half- Cresselia

Appearance- Jeremy is about 5'2" tall, with a crescent moon shape birthmark on his face. His hair is a bright yellow and goes down to the middle of his back. His eyes are a light blue, and his nose is kind of long, and ends in a point. His ears are a little big as well. His whole body is covered with a thin coat of purple fur. Over the fur he is wearing a black shirt with a tan trenchcoat over it, noth of which look a little big on his semi-thin frame. And his pants, are blue, and are a little baggy. His frame, well, he's thin. His armas are thin, as well as his fingers. His legs are thin as well. All in all, he looks kind of scrawny.

History- Jeremy was raised in Eterna City by two people, known as Ken Actae, and Eve Actae. These two were an upper middle class duo, that had no clue about this pokémorph. It seemed that with him in the house, no one has had a bad dream. However, he always had an aura of... coldness it seems, as he grew more and more cold to everyone growing up. As he met more and more people, he started to get... anxious, since, as a Cresselia morph, he exudes good dreams... however, while everyone else had good dreams, it seemed, Jeremy was having nightmares... bad ones... ones that can make people crazy.

As he grew older, it only got worse. Having no positive energy, due to close proximity with hundreds of humans, was bad. He wasn't sure how much more he would take, his mind was under stress, because he couldn't stop his psychic energy from leaking out. He tried everything from meditation, to keeping himself awake. However, neither of them worked, and he kept getting nightmares. He then couldn't take it, and ran into Eterna Forest, in an attempt to calm down his powers.

A year after going into Eterna Forest, Jeremy was now eleven, and resided in the Old Chateau, with the ghosts. They too gave him nightmares, but they weren't that bad, not compared to before. He learned how to control his power in the time he was gone, and made friends with a Rotom, easing the pressure put on him from the other ghosts, but he was still cold. As he came back to Eterna City, no one felt good vibes from him, they didn't have as much good dreams... but Jeremy, since he could surpress his power, finally began to have good dreams. But cold he may be, and possibly insane, which is more normal for psychic types than one would think, he still waits for the chance to meet up with Cresselia, to find out what it feels like to be around something like him. But since that wasn't likely of happening, he went back to the Old Chateau, and along with Rotom, began to travel the world in hopes that he could meet up with the being that he half is. He was last seen near Veilstone City.

Pokemon Move- Psychic