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    Chapter 1: Preparing for the Adventure

    Autumn, six months later…

    The town of Pallet was relatively small in comparison to the other cities and townships in Kanto. Most of the houses were built from wood, with the exception of a row of brick houses on the eastern boundary of town which belonged to the families with lots of money. The sun rose steadily in the sky, lighting up and warming the town as a small breeze wafted along, drying clothes which were hanging on various clotheslines and rustling leaves on trees.

    Professor Oak was one of the most highly regarded Pokémon researchers in the world. He had won the Kanto region’s Indigo League – a tournament held every five years at the furthest point north-west in Kanto – twice and has dedicated his life to the study of Pokémon, their habitats, lifestyles and interactions with their trainers. Since he was always known as the most renowned Pokémon expert in the entire world, the citizens of Pallet Town had always considered it an honour that he has continued to work in his home. Visitors felt that Professor Oak’s Pokémon laboratory was the only real attraction in the town. It wasn’t so much a tourist attraction, but more a place where interesting Pokémon events and discoveries occurred.

    Pallet Town was hardly ever bustling except when the newest Pokémon trainers graduated from the magnet school – usually at the age of ten. The school taught the core subjects such as maths, science, history, reading language arts, and so on, as well as courses involving studies of Pokémon, which ranged from raising, training, breeding and battling of Pokémon. Their journeys would usually start by travelling north to Viridian City, as it was the closest city to Pallet, and the only city accessible by going on foot. Nothing but deep forest lay to the east and west, and the south was a large stretch of water where Cinnabar Island resided.

    As the sun rose even higher, shouting was heard from within a house on the eastern boundary of town.

    “Josephine! If you don’t get out of bed right now and come downstairs, then Eevee will have to go up there and wake you up!!” Shouted a forty-one year old woman, with pale red hair and hazel eyes which burned with fiery impatience. She wore a bright red sleeveless top and blue three-quarter pants. This was Fiona Harris, mother of a Pokémon trainer-to-be. She was a very kind and caring person, but she didn’t want her daughter to miss out on one of the most important days of her life.

    “Oh well! Eevee, if you don't mind, could you please wake her up so that she's not late for her big adventure?” Fiona asked the creature standing next to her, who happened to be the family pet. The Pokémon was small and fox-like in appearance; his tiny body was brown in colour, with creamy coloured neck fur and his face wore a hardened, serious expression. Two long, rabbit-like ears, which emanated from the top of his head, twitched periodically as he listened to the human’s request.

    <No problem. In fact, I would have done it myself even if you hadn't asked,> replied Eevee. He swiftly sprang up the wooden staircase, bounding down the long hallway, and hurled his small body against a door at the end of the hall. He glanced up at it, rushed inside and grumbled to himself, because even after making that entire racket to come to the girl’s room, she still hadn't woken up.

    Josephine Harris was born into a rich family as the third child of four. Unlike other children from wealthy families, she wasn’t overly spoiled. As with all of the other children in Pallet, she studied at the Pokémon Trainers’ Academy. However, instead of beginning her journey at the age of ten – which was the minimum legal age – she chose to hang around Professor Oak’s lab for four years, studying about the different types of Pokémon and learning more which would, in the end, help her a lot in her upcoming journey.

    Three walls of her room were made of brick – which had been painted a light green colour – and were completely devoid of anything, with the exception of a wooden framed unicorn picture on the wall opposite her bed and a painting of a girl feeding some duck-like Pokémon in the country on the right-hand side wall. On the third were posters of her favourite Pokémon. The last wall consisted of a security grill protected sliding door.

    It was behind the sliding door that an oddly shaped grey table was positioned with the girl’s laptop and story writing material on it. She had only one laptop – but she badly wanted the internet on it, so she wouldn’t have to keep going down to the local library. A reasonable sized TV and DVD/VCR combo (the combo of which was currently kaput and needed to be looked at) rested near the printer she owned, with two Nintendo DS consoles sitting on top of a spare old-styled school desk.

    <Forgive me for this, Ho-oh, but I've got a lazy person who won't even get off her behind. Bloody hell, Josephine, wake up!> Eevee said loudly.

    Seeing that he got no reaction, Eevee's eyes narrowed and an evil sort of smirk appeared on his face, as he said, <Bugger you, kid, I'll wake you up myself.>

    After saying that, the Pokémon jumped onto the girl's bed and tore off the covers with his paws. He then placed his fluffy brown tail in front of the girl’s nose and proceeded to tickle the olfactory. Moments later, a loud sneeze ripped through the air, as Josephine sat up and wondered what sort of pollen had drifted through her open window.

    Seeing the brown coloured fox sitting on her bed with his tail curled around his body, she asked, “Why did you do that?” seemingly appearing to forget that today she was to leave Pallet to begin her journey.

    <We have to get downstairs and you need to get ready for your journey. Remember?> the fox-like Pokémon gently reminded the girl.

    “You make it sound like the Pokémon Trainers’ Academy. But I know that this journey is going to be a lot better. Okay, let’s go,” Josephine answered, smiling at the family pet.

    She moved Eevee off her and jumped out bed, as she headed towards her ensuite. The red-haired girl opened the door, closing it upon entering and then turned on the water.

    After showering herself, Josephine proceeded to dry off her thin frame of medium height and build. She then rubbed the moisture out of her hair, allowing the wet strands to fall to her shoulders, and then dried and brushed it until it was in a suitable enough position for her to wrap a hair tie around it, creating a pony-tail look.

    She went over to her closet and removed two hangers; one of which held a bright red sleeveless top, with the other holding a sky-blue miniskirt. She dressed herself, before slipping her feet into a pair of brown boots, and casually placed her black sun-glasses over her hazel coloured eyes.

    Placing her digital watch on the wrist of her left arm, she headed down the hall.

    Heading into the reasonably large kitchen and preparing herself a bowl of cereal, she spotted her mother relaxing on the cyan sofa. Eating the cereal as fast as she could without making herself sick, she then checked to ensure that her bright yellow backpack with the imprint of a Poké Ball on the side was packed. Finding out that everything was in there, she placed the breakfast bowl in the sink, ran some water in it and headed to the door.

    “Honey, wait,” the voices of Josephine’s parents spoke up. The girl’s mother rose from the sofa as her father wheeled himself into the room. The masculine toned voice had come from Charles, Fiona’s husband. Charles had been an Indigo League Champion at the age of twenty, but after having an accident in the Safari Zone at twenty-three, he ended up in a wheelchair, as a paraplegic.

    Saying goodbye was going to be difficult and sad.

    “Yeah?” The teen turned and looked at her parents as tears started to form in her eyes.

    “It’s good to see that you are finally ready. Professor Oak rang and said he wants you to meet him at his lab,” Fiona told her, relieved to see that her second oldest living child was finally setting off.

    Josephine stood there with a puzzled look on her face, wondering what the researcher needed to give her, but then it clicked. “Of course! My Pokémon, Pokédex and Poké Balls… how could I forget…?” Josephine mentally slapped herself for forgetting such a simple thing.

    As she was about to run to the lab, she remembered that this would be the last time she saw her parents before she left. She turned around and looked at them. “Mum, Dad… this is goodbye for now. I’ll miss you.”

    Her father stared desperately at her, while her mother placed a hand on her shoulder and answered, “Yes, we’ll miss you too. You have grown up incredibly fast Josephine, and we understand that you want to go on this journey.”

    “Alright, I’ll see you later guys.”

    “Goodbye dear. Know that whatever happens, I’ll always think of you as a Pokémon Master, because you went and attempted to accomplish your dream,” Fiona said, as she smiled at her daughter. Charles manoeuvred his wheelchair backwards, determined to talk to Fiona in private once Josephine had left.

    Just before Josephine set off, she gave her mother one last farewell hug and this resulted in the tears flowing freely.

    Wiping away the tears, Josephine started walking towards the research facility that was run by Professor Oak.

    After trudging along for about ten minutes, she finally arrived at the location of the building. The lab’s foundations were on top of a hill that was accessible by a long stairway, which took one to the entrance of the lab. It was a two-story ivory edifice that had a maroon roof which, from the top, allowed one to view the landscape as far as the eye could see.

    There was a lake to the east of the hill and to the south was an untamed forest with no paths. The forest was cut short by an open range, which was met in the north by rocks and boulders. There were Pokémon scattered all over the landscape.

    Josephine rang the doorbell and waited, because she knew that Professor Oak wouldn’t be able to rush to answer the door. The wooden door opened a few minutes later.

    “Ah, Josephine! Come to collect your Pokémon, Pokédex and Poké Balls, have you?” Professor Oak questioned.

    “Yes, Professor,” she replied.

    “Right this way, then,” he answered, as he turned and led the red-haired girl into the lab. The first thing that was seen when entering was an array of bookshelves that were stacked against the wall, stretching from one corner of the room to the other.

    To the right were small computers that blinked with all sorts of dazzling lights, with the monitors scrolling down with data that she could only guess was the research that Professor Oak and his assistants had compiled.

    In the middle, between the computers, was a rather large door. It was used to go out to care for or to study the Pokémon which were kept at the lab.

    To the left was a very large storage room in which the Poké Balls that contained the Pokémon were kept. One could only guess how many were amassed there.

    At the top of the staircase to the right of the Poké Ball storage room, the upper level was desolate except for three bookshelves that were lined up against the left wall; an enormous computer that took up the entire southern wall and finally, a small dome which was the place were the Poké Balls were kept.

    “Professor, there you are! We have everyone here, sir,” one of Oak’s aides appeared when they entered the large room which contained the small dome.

    “Very good, John. Any news of the others?”

    “Rachel Savina has already been and gone, collecting her Pokémon, Pokédex and Poké Balls along the way. You already know about Paul’s hasty departure,” John answered.

    “Good. Now, Josephine, I have a few important things to give you. They are your Pokémon, Pokédex and Poké Balls.”

    Taking a deep breath and trying not to become too hyper, thought Josephine. “Can... can I look at it? Properly, I mean?" she asked.

    Picking up the last remaining red and white sphere, Professor Oak issued a command. “Go, Shinx!”

    Emerging from the Poké Ball was a creature covered in blue fuzz called Shinx. Her stout feline body and short azure fur shivered from the wind which was coming from the open windows, while her tail and ears glowed bright yellow; useful in dark places, but hardly noticeable once they were outside. Hissing, the Shinx leaned down on her front legs, her yellow bands gleaming in the sunlight.

    Then, the researcher handed her a large red electronic device, which looked like a calculator and five small balls. The Professor allowed Josephine the time to register her partner’s data into her Pokédex.

    “Shinx, the Flash Pokémon – a Pokémon of the Electric type. Shinx’s forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. Their bodies shine if endangered,” the device reported in a monotonous voice.

    “Let me explain what I handed to you before,” Professor Oak began, just as the newbie trainer recalled her starter.

    “The large red device which you hold in your hands is what I call a Pokédex. A lot of research by my colleagues’ and I was done and we were finally able to release a small hand-held device. It will record information about any wild Pokémon, including its type and special attacks. Thus, its pages will be filled.”

    He then pointed to the five small balls.

    “These are crucial to capturing Pokémon, so please pay close attention. Once you weakened a wild Pokémon, you can trap it in one of these Poké Balls. Be absolutely sure that your opponent is weak enough before using one of these. If you fail to capture a Pokémon with the same ball five times, it will break. Also, note that you can only carry around six Pokémon with you at any given time. Once you’re out of Poké Balls, you can buy more in the Pokémon Marts. You can even purchase Potions for your Pokémon if you’re really far from a Pokémon Centre.”

    “How much do these items cost?” Josephine asked.

    “About two hundred Pokédollars for each sphere… and I think the Potions are a little dearer,” the researcher answered.

    “I’ll keep that in mind,” the fourteen year old red-haired girl answered. “I won’t let you down, Professor. I’ve never been more ready for anything else.”

    “Very good…” he replied.

    She walked back through the building and out the front door, waving goodbye to Professor Oak as she did so. Then, she looked up as she began to walk along Route One. The sun was now in plain view, almost blinding from where she was standing and the grass was glimmering as the dew dropped from each blade.

    Josephine’s Pokémon journey, as well as the day, was just beginning. She had her first Pokémon, and already knew where she was to go next – Viridian City. Now with determination in her hazel eyes, Josephine continued to look at the sky. As an official trainer, she then looked down at the orb which contained her partner.

    “Shinx, you are my key to becoming one of the best,” Josephine murmured, smiling proudly.
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