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    Yay! A pokemorph Rp!

    Sign Up Sheet:

    Pokemon Half~Mesprit

    Standing at 1.64m, Angelique is of an average height. She has Golden coloured eyes, long and flowing hair that is like Mesprit's pink and a red jewel on her forehead. Her skin is a light blue colour, which gets darker if she gets really angry and she has the same two tails that Mesprit has. Her nails are made of rubies and to cover them, she wears white gloves. She wears a black, long sleeve shirt and a white satin jacket over it. She also wears a polka dotted, black and white scarf and a pair of black, denim jeans.

    After Angelique was warped away, she landed in near Snowpoint city and Lake Acuity and was found by the parents of Candice, the Gym leader of Snowpoint city. They decided to keep the egg, as they thought it was a random ice Pokemon's and wanted to give it to Candice for her coming birthday. When the egg hatched and turned out not to be just another ice Pokemon, Candice managed to persuade her parents to raise her. Candice named her Angelique, as she knew of the Pokemorphs and thought that since Angelique meant 'Messenger of God', she would be the messenger of the god of Pokemon, Arceus.

    Later, when Angelique grew older and her differences became obvious, the people living in Snowpoint city became afraid that she would despise them and cause harm to them because she was half a legendary. Though it didn't last long, as Mesprit was the emotion Pokemon. Candice began to teach her about Pokemon and battles, about the gyms and the Elite 4. She also began to learn about the other Pokemorphs, one by one, and how Team Delta was scouring the region for them. With Candice's permission and last gift, a Froslass, she began to travel around Sinnoh to look for the other Pokemorphs.

    Her Froslass, nicknamed Grace, knows~ Hail, Blizzard, Shadow Ball and Thunderbolt.

    Pokemon Move~Ice beam