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    Right. So he started WWI?
    I think I read about him in 9th grade History Class. I remember something about that, but I never understood it...And now I do, so thanks.

    Edit: It`s Eliza Dushku...o.o; She`s an actress. She was in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (A bunch of eps in season 3, 2 eps in season 4, and 4 or 5 eps in season 7.), the BtVS spinoff named after me...Angel (she was in four eps in all of the series, I forget which seasons of it, though.) Also, she`s in Tru Calling, which is on Fox, and it`s second season starts November 4th...Some movies she was in are Bring It On (Missy Pantone) Wrong Turn (Jessie), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (Sissy), and Soul Survivers (Annabelle)...There are a bunch more movies, but, I don`t feel like naming off all 20 of them. heh. o.o;

    ...I just realised I have an Eliza obsession.