Thread: [Tutorial] Extensive Title Screen Hacking
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    Originally Posted by Shadow Pichu View Post
    you dont need a hex editor for this i did it without a hex editor and had it perfect
    I did your mom without a hex editor, but it was far from perfect..

    Originally Posted by Shooryuu View Post
    umm hi in the tutorial i can't change the palette cause my hex editor isn't very good with it and i have the palette i made to fix it but i can't put it on
    I'm sorry, do you think you could reword that? I may be able to help then.

    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    Yeah, this is pretty helpful, i think i get it now.
    Nope, still not working. Good tutorial, anyways..
    Yeah man, hex editing is a daunting task, but you'll get the hang of it, trust me. Just keep trying. I went through like fifteen roms trying to get my title screen right.

    Originally Posted by Gamer2020 View Post
    Words of wisdom.
    Thanks for filling in when I was too lazy to respond. haha

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