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Ok I found some visual bugs... I'm puttin' the pics in attachment, 'cause I can't get "Insert Picture" to work...

Nice hack, I like your simple but yet enjoyable mappin'style, kinda reminds me of Foullump... Nice Mikachu, not really fond of Pikachu but meh (named it Actionman!, dunno why:\)... Maybe you should change the overworld of the Prof... He looks just like Oak... Now, I noticed there are VERY many Johto references... Almost too many...
I could really tell you're a Cyndaquil-Fan, you're not alone ...
Love the music!

Now bugs:

The first pic: if you stand above the table and choose, this will happen.
second: Forgot the "P"...
third: Two Script errors in the school, didn't do a pic of the other one.
Fourth: See it yourself.
Fifth: Tile where it's not supposed to be... (HINT:WALL)
And another one: Some of the trash cans in 1:st Gym doesn't have block edit: Block covered by hero. I couldn't attach this one though.

Hope I helped.