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Originally Posted by Alter Ego View Post
While I do see what you mean about the length, the second point I can't agree with. The one principle I'm not going to compromise in any part of my moderating is objectivity, so there will be no special snowflake allowances in any rule. Ever. It's either the same for everyone or not happening. Not only could RP allowances on a member basis be more than just a little unfair - and drama-inducing - the process of checking up on all these things and assessing them is a massive burden that I do not want.
Seems I became somewhat overzealous with the idea. Fair enough though, as I assume the amount of paperwork could become overwhelming, not to mention trying to maintain decorum with issues of equality would do nothing but cause more trouble, so I can adhere to that. And although already addressed via * K i a r r a, I understand that the monthly submission limit is to compensate for quality and investment and I see nothing wrong with jotting down new ideas and developing them further during such time. Whether the limit becomes a month or fortnight is decidedly up to you, but I now feel that both are sufficient (except, you know, that one's a little more lenient).

Anyway, I've been toying with the idea of writing up posting guidelines. Safe to say, I've had some thorough experience in writing terrible posts, which I can cover with 'what not to do' when posting. I'll most likely include some information on posting as the game master and as a participant as well, concerning issues such as the use of perspective, the aim of the character, and general posting details and the like. So I'll private message you once that's done (or if I ever get around to it xP).
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