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Hi, I'm new around these parts, and have never written fanfiction before, but passionately enjoy writing. I understand that this is the place to get feedback on ideas, and I'd like to test the waters a bit. I'm a fan of dystopian novels, so I took a continuation of Pokémon Platinum's story in order to come up with this one.

He had trained tirelessly in the Distortion World, his Pokémon growing stronger than anyone could have ever thought. Of course, people then could only think in terms of a world where space was stable, and time flowed.

He used his potent charisma to intoxicate the same generation that he had done so before, but with greater strength, and greater calculation. It took him a year, but Cyrus managed to begin to realise his vision: the rise of Giratina. Enraged, the renegade pokémon rose in an attempt to defeat Cyrus himself, and, with a great effort, the beast managed to do so.

But it was not without cost, for while Giratina could occupy itself only with battle, the distortion world and the "normal" were becoming one. Giratina, in a valiant effort to preserve the balance, drained itself of all its power in order to keep the two worlds separate. But the damage was done: in this short, yet eventful hour, half of the world's population had been wiped out. There was barely a breathing thing left in Sinnoh.

All was silent.

Fifty years later, on the other side of the world, a dictatorship calling itself The Oligarchy had flourished in the region of Torcra, due to the desperation caused by this near-apocalyptic event. The lush environment had since been changed from paradise to wasteland. It hadn't yet regained the losses in population caused by what was now only known as "the Event".

And all the while, the Torcrans suffered under this increasingly repressive regime that was desperately trying to remove the power of pokémon from private citizens, and into the hands of their cronies. The horizon of totalitarianism approaches.

So, yeah, what do you think? Can you forsee any major plotholes or problems with this story, or is it time to turn this summary into a prologue? All comments will be appreciated.
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