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Originally Posted by Meowth View Post
Each person will have to say something to the player about being stuck there, or something along those lines. Saying something including a username isn't allowed, nor talking about being in a game. It'd have to be something realistic that you'd say if you were in that situation.

The deadline is JULY 10TH.

All submissions will be judged by myself and a friend.

Here's your shot to be in Mewtwo Strikes Back!

Would you like:

FRLG style?

RSE Style?

DPPt Style?

I would guess FRLG, but just to make sure, I'm asking you.


PS: Btw, I just now noticed your door and stairs. Great job, that looks just like the one in the movie. I think I'm gonna go watch the movie so that I can be of help in some way.