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Originally Posted by Feign
Well it does sound VERY interesting I must say, and already enjoy the way you write. The only thing that had me a little confused was the reasoning (aside from being an oppressive regime) that the cronies took people's Pokemon. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps "the Event" has caused people to dislike Pokemon, because of what they are capable of, perhaps the true story was never found, so that people believed "the Event" was caused by them. Hmmm, actually I'm not sure if that would work, as it is already sounding WWII-esque.
Thank you for the compliment. The reasoning for The Oligarchy taking Pokémon is that they are powerful and can be used against them (they want to hold a monopoly of power). However, come to think of it, some propaganda will probably have to cloak this reason, and I think that the idea that they use The Event to terrify people with regards to Pokémon makes a lot of sense.

Originally Posted by Swampoleongaurdian
O_O Wow. So, where Dawn in this?


1. What happened to the canon characters?
(Correct me if I'm wrong, as I'm not up on all the terminology, but I believe "canon" means "from the official series".) I don't really want to use canon characters all that much, as I prefer to invent my own - it gives me significantly more creative license and the ability to give protagonist characters fatal flaws, and antagonist characters good qualities (I've always loved the idea of being able to write a story where one could not definitively identify who the protagonists and antagonists were). That's why I'm setting it in an imaginary, and as would be gradually revealed, very isolated region.

Originally Posted by Swampoleongaurdian
2. Who are characters in this story?
To be perfectly honest, I hadn't decided at the time of writing (to develop characters, I usually need to get the general idea on paper and sleep on it.) However, this is the idea that I'm developing at the moment:

Bevan, son of one of one of the Oligarchs, is pushed by his father to become one of the Cloak, an elite secret-police organisation in Torcra. To do so, one must be flown to Teartas City, and take Route 616, a treacherous path, to the Cloak Academy, and then pass its rigorous examinations. Simultaneously, a conspiracy unfolds - a plot to overthrow the Oligarchy becomes apparent as a terrorist who calls himself the Dagger (a reference to the organisation that wants him - the Cloak) is gaining influence and an organisation.

I Plan for two Parts: a Part I, which is Bevan-centric, confined mainly to Route 616 and the Academy, with mention to the Dagger and his organisation on the TV, and a comparatively longer Part II, where Bevan gets more entangled in this conspiracy, and must make difficult choices.
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