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    Ryousha's Game Production. 2009-2010
    Made with RMXP

    Storyline Plot

    (This is an alternate parallel universe)
    When the World of Pokemon began. Pokemon adapts to where they are as of now. The normal regular Pokemon adapted to Fire and Others. However the Original Source of the Fire wasn't caused by sparks of electricity. It was an eternal flame where the ice and water Pokemon coveted and made it become frozen. Even though Flames die out. This one didn't one bit its a shard that has fire in it and still continus to burn in the frozen encasing it is with.

    -Prof. Oak
    Oh my gosh! In the next few days, it's your 15th Birthday! Prof. Oak gives you access to a ferry with your mother to go into a region. However its permanent. You have a nice house near the beaches of SunShine. The Town is called Oakland for many reasons. Prof. Oak gives you a clone of Charmander as a gift. It is the same as any other Charmander and perhaps not much time to live. Mother has come in the lab and says that she doesn't mind him going around the region. Once outside, Green confronts you with a satisfying look and teases you for not having a Pokemon. The joke's on him when you take out Charmander and look with an convinced eye. The Battle Begins. Green is shocked and leaves the area in a disappointed grumpy manner. Next to your journey is the injured Mewtwo levitates around the region trying to find something and confronts Team Rocket and literally defeats all of them barely due to him being injured when fighting against Mew.(Alternate Universe Battle.) Prof. Oak also reminds you that he is in need to for you to find some chemical reactions and collect data of Pokemon.

    In a Detailed Letter.
    Dear [player],
    I wish of you to help me with my quest in collecting Pokemon Data.
    Indeed, i know more than hundreads of Pokemon Exist in this world. It is such a mystery.
    I will entrust you with this Charmander because of your eyes. They impress me; I know you won't fail me.



    ->386 Pokemon There is no D/P Pokemon.
    ->Green and Silver as a Rival.
    -> 4 Gym Leaders, 4 Rocket Executives each give you a badge/symbol.
    ->Help Protect The Frozen Flames against Team Rocket who wishes to bring World Chaos if the flame was erased or destroyed.
    ->New Characters. (Obviously)
    -> Cameo Characters. I am Accepting the first 5 people to PM me with Overworlds and what they want to be in the game. (Trainers Only)

    Exia Factor

    Overworld Cameos List:
    1. Meowth

    Neon Factor

    Special Items are generated and gives you the ability to port to A Secret Legendary Pokemon. There is no explanation of the Neon Factor. its a shard of Luminous Neon which is a bright neon that has part soul of Every Single Legendary Pokemon and allowing you to capture them. (No D/P)


    Still in progress. I'm going to add a Charmander OW. Do not Worry


    ->Poccil Starter Kit.
    ->Meowth - Gave me some ideas
    ->Avatar/Somebody - For the overworld.
    ->Flood/TY(FMP) - Without You Buddy. I would have given up months ago.
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