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    Thanks everyone for your support. Was worried when I didn't get replies for almost a week, didn't think anyone had an interest. Glad to see that's not the case.

    Anyways, the map editor is pretty much done, just testing needs to be done to make sure all the bugs are down. There will be an example video in a day or two showing a quick map creation using the different features.

    The game is starting to progress now that the map editor is finished. The SQL database connections for login/character creation are done. Here are a few shots of how it will look in the client. (Sorry for the JPG compression.)

    Login Screen


    Trainer/Avatar Creation

    Yes you'll have tons of avatar choices, and more character customization will come in the future. Character names will be limited to around 10 alphabetical characters for now (no spaces yet). So no evilnaruto58 character names, although that could work for a login name. :D

    Originally Posted by Bonzai-Cat View Post
    Please release the game as soon as you can mate, I don't care if you only provide us with the first 150 Pokemon, I just really really want to play.
    Hell I'd even settle with just being able to only fight the 3 starter pokemon, Pokemon Eternity must be played!
    There will be 17 Pokemon available for the demo. There will be a MINIMUM of 127 Pokemon in the final game, more may come later. Hope that answers your question.