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    Hack name: Pokemon Ruby -EX-

    Hack of: Pokemon Ruby (English)

    Additional information about the hack:
    I want it to be an expert version of PKMN Ruby. Harder Trainers and Elite four. There will be many other things done to this as well. For more features, just check out the link in contact info.

    Finished percentage: Not sure, I apologize, I haven't added it up.

    Your hacking skills: Some mapping, some spriting, some basic-intermediate scripting, story production

    What help or skill you're looking for: Help with mapping, spriting, possibly someone with intermediate to advanced skills in scripting that would be willing to help as an advisor (someone I can check something with instead of writing scripts for me) Possible music editing

    Additional contact information:
    I don't use my e-mail actively enough for it to be of any use. Best way to contact me would be via the thread in Progressing Hacks, or you may also PM/VM me.

    Hack Thread

    Additional information: Please be able to show examples of your work if possible.

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