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    Hack Name: Pokémon: Messenger Of Peace

    Hack Of: Ruby Version

    Additional Information About Messenger Of Peace: A good deal of progress is being made. This hack is set in a fantasy/mideavel world, with wizards, knights, and the like. Please visit the hack thread for more information.

    Finished Percentage: 18%

    Hacking Skills: Scripting, Mapping, some Tiles.

    What I am looking for: Red means neccessary, Orange is good to have, Green is not too important:

    Trainer Spriter: The amount of work I want done is quite large, but if you want to help, I would appreciate even one sprite
    Titlescreen Editor: The sooner I can get this done, the better, as I am ready to release an alpha (minus this and a few other things)
    Overworld Editor: I need a couple of these, mainly for the hero/heroine's surfing, and running poses. I also need somebody to sprite the hero OW riding a ponyta in lieu of a bicycle... Sounds fun, huh?
    World Map Editor: Pretty self- explainatory. I will send you an overview of what I want done via PM.

    Contact Information: If interested in helping with the hack, please post a VM or send me a PM saying what you want to help with.

    Additional Information: Messenger of Peace is dying slowly, I am afraid. I do not want it to die by any means, but it's been trailing behind in the Progressing Hacks forum. Maybe you can help breathe some new life into it

    Don't forget to visit or post a comment on the thread!

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