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    Originally Posted by Exon View Post
    Just compiling the script and allocating it to a script tile isn't working. I wanted to see if it would freeze if I set the unknow to 0000 and the variable number to 0000 as well, and it did. Yet I tried using the 0300 and 4050 from the diegoisawesome's tutorial and they didn't work.

    So, does anyone know if there are particular numbers we need to use for unknown and variable number to get a script to work? ...and if so, how do we figure them out?
    Instead of 0300 try 0003 and 4050.Thats what I use and it works.Also it can be different if you dont have the newest advanced map,but it should be that.
    I laugh looking at this.

    But sometimes I want to come back to it...