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Originally Posted by monkeyman2092 View Post
I have a few questions...

1. When I use a script editor to edit texts, a msgbox may copy itself into another msgbox and screw up the text.
2. When I try to load a picture into UNLZ.gba, it says this error: "Error Image not indexed"
3. Sometimes my scripts ruin themselves
1. Well that's why it's a script editor and not a text Lol. But if you're adding more text, it's not safe especially when there's another script right after the one you're editing.

When you add, you overwrite the next bytes, and since the next bytes are used and not Free space, XSE doesn't repoint the script or something similar to that. All you have to do is decompile the script, and replace the offset "0x8105925" with a dynamic one "@msg" and insert a #dynamic tag at the top of the full script. XSE will auto-replace it for you

2. Download IrfanView, and open the picture. Goto Image->Decrease Color depth->click on either 256, or 16 colors->Click OK, and Save file.

It's not the script. Because the script doesn't have a brain or thought processes XD
Maybe you should post, so we can help you.