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    I have a problem (more like a request ''). I want to create a script that would work like this:
    After I deliver OAK's Parcel to OAK, I leave the town. But as soon as I go to the next map, the rival arrives in front of me for a battle (similar to Pokémon Gold). If I win, he leaves by going to the Route (in this case, he would go 9 spots left than he would go up until he leaves the screen). If I lose, I go back to Pallet Town (so I have to battle him again). How do I do that?

    And I don't want OAK to look for me and go to his lab at the beginning of the game. I want OAK to be in the lab already and already ready to let me choose a Pokémon (and this time, without the rival. I would talk to OAK without the rival).

    Both are vey similar to Pokémon Gold, so it shouldn't be too hard to understand what I am saying.