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    I think it's just Emerald.
    Oh, I didn't know it was emerald you were working with. If you explore an Emerald rom with UNLZ, you'll see why sprites mess up; Emeralds are twice as large to include the graphic movement that begins when a pokemon comes out.

    I'm not sure why Pokemon Editor Pro (hencforth PEP) isn't working for you. I can only ask you to make sure you're editing and testing the same rom.

    Yes, I checked all of the boxes and repointed everything.
    Well, you actually only need the the "Export Image" and "Export Pallet" checked. You only need "Auto abort..." if you're replacing an already existing picture instead of putting it in empty space (lots of FFs or 00s). I've never used the "automatically fix pointers" option. I do all my repointing of pokemon sprites through PEP.
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