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    Hello there Guys
    Its me DarkPrince
    This is my very first Tutorial here on PokeCommunity
    I don't know if anyone knows how to do it but in this Tutorial I will teach you how trade/battle wirelessly with each other using Emulators.

    Things you will Need:
    VBALink (Visual Boy Advance with Wireless Connectiviy)

    A Pokemon Game ROM( I will use Fire Red)
    Link:Google it

    A Net Connection

    A Fast Computer(Sometimes while trading/battling your emulator can become slow)

    -Open VBALink
    -Don't open the game
    -Go to Options->Emulators->Save Type->Put a Tick on Flash 128k
    -Go to Options->Emulators->Put a Tick on Pause when inactive window
    -Then Go to Options->Link->Put a tick on Wireless Adapter
    -Then ask your friend to do the same
    -Then Go to Options->Link->Settings->Tick on Network not Single Computer(Single Computer if you want to trade with yourself )
    -Then Again go to Options->Link->Settings->Server->Press Start
    -You will see an IP Address in a box(Don't close the box till you are connected)
    -Tell your friend to go to Options->Link->Settings->Client->And erase the word "localhost"
    -Tell your friend the IP Address you see and write the IP Address where "localhost" was written and press Connect
    -Both of you will be connected then :D
    -Go to Pokemon Center and talk to the lady
    -Choose Trade Pokemon/Battle or whatever
    -Happy Trading/Battling

    And if you want to trade with yourself then(Fast Speed)
    -Open 2 VBALinks
    -Then Go to Options->Link->Settings->Tick on Single Computer
    -Open a same ROM in both VBALinks
    -Now put the Pokemon you want to trade on top of your party(I will put a Weak Pokemon like rattata in 1 VBALink and a Kadabra in other VBALink)
    -Go to Pokemon Center and talk to the lady(those IP Stuff is not for single computer)
    -Choose Trade Pokemon
    -Both VBALink will be having same keys btw(just telling)
    -Trade over your Kadabra to 1st VBALink and rattata to the other
    -Then Kadabra will evolve into Alakazam
    -Save your game with your Alakazam(Beware always use a weak Pokemon as my Rattata is lost forever XDD that's why i choose a weak pokemon)

    You can use the same way to battle with yourself too XDD
    So here's the way to get evolutions like Alakazam,Gengar,Machamp
    It really works :D

    I traded a Pokemon with my friend who lives in other country(It works)
    I am the creator of Pokemon Gotta Catch em' All! Game.

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