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Originally Posted by Doom Chaos View Post
Me again, but this time this is very very VERY easy. I looked at the tutorial Dante made for the intro hero for Fire Red, but I can't save the BG in .act. Can somebody upload it somewhere I could download it? Everytime I choose the format, it saves it like this: bg.pal. I can't do a thing with that! I tried naming it "bg.act", but still not working! If I change the format manually, it screws the palette up. What the heck...
Try using an updated VBA version to see if it matters.

Originally Posted by JohnPaulJones View Post
Well I guess I have a simple question, but it's kind of long...

I have a trainer in unLZ. Steven's sprite, to be exact. So I went to import my newly indexed .png file, a steven-ish sprite with a green shirt. I clicked export pallete, and all of the other boxes. No problems, the sprite was editied... However, I go to the previous trainer sprite in the list... and I get this:


A gentlemen Trainer Sprite with the same pallete as the New stevens'. Not only that, but all of the other trainers before Steven now have a dumb- looking palette in unlZ- all of them have pallete 1039. Now, when I fight a gentleman in the game... He looks normal. He has a totally different pallete than what shows up in unLZ. Sure, this is confusing, but what's more so is that (the new) Steven's in-game sprite now has a discolored palette. However, in unLZ, it looks fine. Also, in every trainer editor I open... all trainer palettes, except Steven's, look normal.

My question is- How can I fix Steven's Palette in game, and the other trainer palettes in unLZ? Is my ROM screwed up? Will I be able to not edit any more trainers? Did I miss something important?

This is quite an important question, seeing as I need to edit the majority of trainers for my hack.

Thank you in advance ^_^
unLZ keeps the palette and sprites list cached into the ROMName.gba.spr and ROMName.gba.pal files. Make sure to close the ROM and delete them both. Then load the ROM again with unLZ.