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    Originally Posted by Ruka Prince View Post
    Amazing pics, but I think that the word "Pokemon" is a plural, but you always say "Pokemons". That's wrong. But don't take me wrong though. I'm just trying to remind you, so you won't have the "Pokemon" mistake in the Hack.

    And are you going to insert all D/P/P Sprites for all Pokemon?
    Thanks, i don't know "Pokemon" is a plural. I will edit them.
    And D/P/P Sprites, i don't change all sprites, but 2/3 Pokemon will have new sprites, they may have D/P/P Sprites or other sprites like this

    My team had some new members . I will edit my team in the next updates.
    I'm working for a minigame's script. It's mining minigame like Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Off course, i will simplify it. I'm also rewrite headbutt tree, honey tree and rock climb script. (Someone played old version may know about them)
    This weekend i will bring more pictures and videos about them.
    Thanks to all. ^ ^

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