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Originally Posted by Gamewhale View Post
I'm trying to add more trainers to my Ruby hack using A-Trainer, but when I edit the trainer amount and then go into the game and battle a trainer that was already there (not a new one that I have created), the game displays the trainer class and then a whole lot of random text shows up and the game crashes (so therefore I can't battle any trainer). Is there a way to fix this?
The only way to fix it is to wait for a new A-Trainer, since that bug has been reported (and fixed) already. Basically a few pointers to the trainer names weren't repointed causing the random text or whatever. I guess you don't want to go through the trouble of finding and repointing them by yourself, isn't it?

Originally Posted by JohnPaulJones View Post
Thank you for the help! But now I have another problem with that. Every trainer sprites behind Steven's is now 1040. And all of them look fine in game (and a little better in unLZ), but steven still looks like this:

And still wierd looking in unLZ. I tried importing steven again, and guess what? I'm back to square one.

This is making me think that my ROM is corrupted... am I wrong?
Is the Auto abort enabled?