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Originally Posted by Doom Chaos View Post
For the person does not stay gone thing, give the event a Person ID (I use 01CD, I don't know if it has to be different for every events).
Thanks, it worked fine (for the disappearing part anyway) after I figured out I had to put special 0x174 in the code.

Edit1:still need help with the other two problems though (not adding pokedex data, and not being able to talk after asking a question).

Edit2: fixed the problem with no pokedex data for the starter, I needed the national dex so I changed my script so that you get it (I feel so stupid). Now all I need to know is how to fix my script so that I can nickname absol if I want when I get it.

Edit3: I completely fixed it on my own. Just in case anyone else wants to make a person who gives you a national dex, and absol, and then disappears (and then you can choose whether or not to nickname it), the code is below


#org 0x16582F
checkflag 0x8C3
if 0x1 goto 0x871BAB7
msgbox 0x818E177 MSG_NORMAL '"Ready to leave town?\pYou'll need ..."
setflag 0x829
special 0x16F
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox 0x871BA56 MSG_KEEPOPEN '"[player] received a pokedex."
msgbox 0x871BA87 MSG_NORMAL '"I'll give you a pokemon\nto start ..."
givepokemon 0x178 0x5 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
special 0x163
setflag 0x828
setflag 0x8C3
fanfare 0x13E
msgbox 0x871BA6F MSG_KEEPOPEN '"[player] received an Absol."
msgbox 0x871BAB7 MSG_NORMAL '"I must go now\pI'll see you again ..."
hidesprite 0x2
special 0x174
fadescreen 0x0
msgbox 0x871BD7F MSG_YESNO '"Would you like to give Absol a nickna..."
compare LASTRESULT 0x1
if 0x1 goto 0x871BBB0
#org 0x71BBB0
special 0x9E
goto 0x871BAB7
' Strings
#org 0x18E177
= Ready to leave town?\pYou'll need a pokedex
#org 0x71BA56
= [player] received a pokedex.
#org 0x71BA87
= I'll give you a pokemon\nto start you off too.
#org 0x71BA6F
= [player] received an Absol.
#org 0x71BD7F
= Would you like to give Absol a nickname?
#org 0x71BAB7
= I must go now\pI'll see you again soon.