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    Originally Posted by Bonzai-Cat View Post
    A tiny problem I have with these game threads is that I always ask like a bajillion questions because I'm so excited and just want to get to know everything about the game.
    One thing I'm wondering is how do you intend to translate attacks with low accuracy in the game? How is it gonna affect how we aim and control certain attacks like Zap cannon?
    No problem. A little early to say on those type of skills. I have thought about something like the attack hitting in a random spot around the cursor. I am not sure if that's the best option as skills that hit multiple times could end up with a 'splash' effect. Other ideas playing around with are:
    - Player must remain still to use it
    - Player must remain still while it casts
    - Cast time
    - The attack width or size reduced when launched and grows larger as it travels.
    - Chance to reduce damage as per the precision. (EX: Zap cannon 50% chance to miss, so it would have a 50% chance to do 50% less damage.)
    - Unable to move the attack mid cast.
    - The attack can be moved mid cast, but every angle change reduces its effectiveness
    - Randomly attacks in an area infront of the Pokemon.

    Or maybe combination's of the above, or none. It's possible each skill may differ in the way it handles precision from another skill.