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    Upon Route One and WinterFlow City

    Player talking to Hermin and goofing around. Also There is a tile error on one of the icey-comb-long-bush thing. I know. I put the tile on a wrong layer. Also I regained my confidence and Mapping style. Please enjoy Hermin's Tale.

    This letter is readable on the game, I don't know how to make a letter system to read this. However this is good information . Hermin has memory issues and decides to stitch an old paper what he wrote and Also add a final piece to the letter telling you something. Enjoy and Peace!
    A Few Months Ago,
    My Grand-Daughter and I raised up upon the mountains. I think we saw people in uniforms trying to do something to a cave. The next thing we knew a Flying Blue Figure scraped everybody off the Mountains and I fell on top of a tree witnessing the Mountain covering up the whole city. We renamed the city from Celestial to WinterFlow because it keeps on flowing. I have no clue where my grand daughter Elise is. Now if I.... s..still remember the creature was Articuno and it used Ice Beam on the cloaked uniformed people and their Pokemon and shattered them by flying straight at them. Art..Articun..o's Eyes was glowing tintly White and Blue and flew above the city. During this time, rumors have spreaded and Zapdos and Moltres were awakened during the same time. It is very strange indeed. Moltress set a village on fire and Zapdos destroys everything in it's path with Thunder Storms. It seems they all ... ... killed the uniform men, Prof. Oak from Kanto says that the uniform people are from an Criminal Organization called... Team Rocket. This is all I remember, [player]. So good luck. I bestow you with this Squirtle. Keep it company, and keep this letter-package with you. It will help you if you wish to stop the chaos that revolves around the world.

    ~Hermin D. Palmer~
    For those who want to see the full view of my map. It is here.

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