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    Sorry for double reply,but I do have one thing to say.
    I just found that in FR/LG,special2 0x39 is for about VS Seekers.
    When returns 0x1,it means player has used VS Seekers in this place.
    'script from BPRE at 0x1A9CBF
    #org @start
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x103 0x0 @string1 @string2
    special2 0x800D 0x39
    compare 0x800D 0x1
    if 0x1 goto @snippet1
    msgbox @string3 0x6 '"You can't be a coward in the world..."
    #org @snippet1
    trainerbattle 0x5 0x103 0x0 @string4 @string2
    msgbox @string3 0x6 '"You can't be a coward in the world..."
    ' Strings
    #org @string1
    = Competition!\nI can't get enough!
    #org @string2
    = I had a chance!
    #org @string3
    = You can't be a coward in the world\nof POKéMON!
    #org @string4
    = Competing is the ultimate thrill.\nI still can't get enough!
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