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Hack Name: Pokemon Crescent (Working Title)

Hack of:Emerald

Additional Information:New region, characters will have new colors, names. Over world will be differently colored.

Finished Percentage:I only have story, map, character, and town ideas. So you can decide for yourself.

Your Hacking skills:Little, or none. I guess that unless i learn anything, i will be around for ideas for story, map, characters, etc.

What help or skill your looking for:I am looking for EVERYTHING. I can barely make heads or tails of anything, so if you have any skill in anything, please help me.

Additional Information: I already have a base map made, but it was completely screwed up, so when someone signs on to work on that i will have a base map for them. I have some character names, and ideas for towns etc. If you wish to know more about all of that, contact me and i will give you the information. If anyone reads this, please join me. I really think that this hack could be great if it can be done.

^I lol'd cause it remindes me of me...wait a minuet... D: