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Yeah, who is participating in which RP is not anything the forum mechanics can feasibly keep track of, and doing it personally would be living hell. Yes, a thread could be used to report, but that's assuming everyone uses it as they should (which, I can guarantee, they won't) but that would be an extra sticky to mind. So yeah, though I agree that it's an issue, this is really something RP masters should consider when deciding on their cast. There is not really a way to enforce that rule in any efficient manner with what I have.

As for discussing. I'm going to go ahead and keep the guide collection sticky open for commenting on guides and discussion on them. Keep the sticky count one lower and all.

Anywho, though this is overdue due to database misbehavior, I think it's time I called a close on this input. Thanks to everyone who participated and I should have the updated rules and sticky modifications done shortly.
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