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The silence of the room was unearthly, especially when one considered what was going on inside. The young man, his spiky, red-pink hair bathed in shadows, was getting dressed without saying a single word, without making a single sound. His movements were robotic, and, strangely enough, he paused every few seconds to glance at the young woman sitting on his bed, her legs crossed, her head resting on her right hand. She nodded now and then, to confirm his every doing and yet it didn’t look like as if there was any need for her to disapprove of any of his movements. Her silver eyes just stared sleepily ahead, watching him and yet not watching him, for there was nothing he could do that she did not foresee.

When she started to talk, it was as if a soundless world got catapulted into another dimension. “And you will call off your bodyguards, right? We don’t need yours, mine will do well.” His bodyguards would ruin her whole plan with their dark Pokemon, blocking her powers and making her lose control of him. She couldn’t allow him to get near anyone, especially his ex-girlfriend, yet. Yet she wasn’t inclined on keeping him forever, no. She would give him back. Lance was just a means to an end, just like the other, blissfully unaware, league trainer. Cynthia bit her lip. And just like Lucian, too. Yet he was a means to an end and target at the same time. She had used him, she admitted. She had lied to him and she continued to lie to him, telling herself that men were the last thing she needed. And women, judging from how Jenny had failed so far.

Yet, was that the truth?

“You’ll stay in your office. Don’t answer anyone before contacting me, right? Don’t let anyone come in, either. You have the authority to do so. You’ll meet them soon enough.“ The man nodded before walking out of the door without a word, closing the door behind him.

Cynthia let herself fall back onto the bed, her hair covering the sheets, spreading in all directions. For one moment, she could exclude all trouble from her life, because for once, there was nothing she had to take care of, nothing to organize, no strings to pull. For once, even she had to wait. She had to wait for Jenny to find the Espeon. Then, the curtains would rise again and the final act would start, with both tragic heroes falling and failing. It was a short act, probably only consisting of several dialogues, and yet it was worth it.

Was it?

Glancing at the calendar to her left, she tensed. Considering how the day was likely to be lost, she only had five more days. Five days...would that be nearly enough? After all, she had hired the best hunter in the whole of Sinnoh, and still, she hadn’t managed to catch an Espeon in a matter of two days. And she couldn’t hide Lance forever...

On the other hand, that psychic trainer had most likely been informed by her boyfriend about the ’stolen’ Pokemon already, and if she was clever, she had drawn the right conclusion about her involvement...

Cynthia smiled malevolently. Why not use it to her advantage...?


Sabrina yawned, her gaze slowly wandering over to the clock hanging on the wall away from her. It was getting late, and she had already missed dinner, though, knowing her colleagues, she had not really missed a lot. Maybe Will was already wondering where she was now, as after all, she had told him it wouldn’t take long to find the owner and she would come back to her hotel room as soon as she had an address or anything of use. But now, she had already spent over three hours there. And only because of the free internet connection...

Sabrina giggled. Well, if Will really worried about her, he should know that she had her own mind and had all the right to do whatever she wanted to. He was not her babysitter and she was not going to take the minutes of everything she did just for him. And after all, she had taken her mobile with her, he had her phone number and he could always call her...

Hopefully, he wouldn’t.

She was just too absorbed in the article she had found minutes ago. After browsing around aimlessly for more than half an hour, she had finally decided to follow the trace of the name ‘Bender’. In the end, it had turned out to be quite a funny story. Not that she really got all of the details, because that was just impossible when the only sources were a single entry in the post office’s registration data base and a newspaper article of about five lines. Apparently, a George Bender, a man of forty-five years back then, had to send an apology to the Pokemon League itself because his son, a ‘high-spirited rascal of fourteen’ had tried to rob the Pokemon Center of Teak City. Sabrina shook her head; the dumbness of the boy was simply incredible. Pokemon Centers had no money themselves, as the only things stored there were medicine and sometimes food for the incoming trainers, but most of the times, even food had to be ordered from local companies. Anyone who tried to rob a Pokemon Center had to be either very stupid or very desperate. She couldn’t find out which of these two the boy had been, but the story was hilarious nevertheless. An apology letter....Sabrina shook her head. Lance hadn’t been the head back then, as it had still been Charles Goodshow, and he had apparently been a lot less demanding than Lance was nowadays. Had this happened under his reign, the poor boy would still be paying damages. Sabrina wondered briefly what he was doing now...

Maybe he was now a Pokemon trainer himself. Sabrina blinked suddenly, before yawning and squeezing her eyes tight shut. It was already getting late and that certainly influenced her awareness. If that boy had been fourteen then, he had already been a trainer, at least if he had started the usual way. Sabrina shook her head, while resting it on her arms next to the keyboard of the computer at the same time. A trainer robbing a Pokemon center...even more reasons to believe said trainer was more than just dumb.

Slowly, without noticing, Sabrina started to fall asleep in the hall.

Yet, someone had been worried about her. Someone had been wondering where she had been, after her promise to come back as soon as possible. And said someone was now going to look for her.

Will slowly walked down the stairs to the giant main foyer, the place where Sabrina had said she would be by then. It was already getting darker and the ceiling-reaching windows didn’t give as much light then as they had in the hours before. The room was not lit by artificial light, for Lance wasn’t willed to pay for random people who might not even belong to the league, using the electricity instead. So then, already past six PM, the only lights in the room came from the computer screens and the rare bedside lamps brought by the long workers. He rolled his eyes at Lance’s parsimony, cost-cutting at the cost of his employee’s eyesight. At least Sabrina wasn’t in immediate danger, because from what he saw, his beloved had already fallen asleep. He smiled and walked up to her, slowly stroking her silky dark hair. She shifted slightly in her sleep, but didn’t wake up. She was too tired, as she hadn’t gotten enough sleep the past morning, so she was making up for it then. And Will wasn’t going to disturb her, not in the least. He put his left arm under her neck and slowly lifted her from the chair, still amazed at how light a grown woman could be. Her long hair tickled his arm, as she squirmed into his arms, still asleep, yet feeling instinctively more relaxed, as if she knew who was carrying her. And maybe she did, even without her powers, even without a consciousness.

Will had to be even more careful when he walked up the stairs to the hotel rooms, yet he didn’t expect her to wake up any time soon. She was really in deep, deep slumber and hadn’t even reacted much to the changing of environment when he had walked out of the foyer into April’s fresh spring air. She didn’t even shudder, just keeping her peaceful, calm face cuddled against his vest, searching, longing for the warm and for the sound of his heartbeat. He smiled wordlessly at her, glad that they had come back to each other.

He was now standing in front of her hotel room, carefully balancing what weight she had on his chest and knees, while trying hard to not wake her up. That got even harder when he noticed that her door was locked and the only ones probably having access to the keys were either asleep or not within reach. Irresolutely, he stood there for a while, not knowing what to do. He couldn’t get into her room, for he didn’t want to risk teleporting inside together with her when he was still inexperienced, yet he didn’t want to wake her up either. After glancing at the left, where his and Karen’s room was located, he remembered what Karen had said. She had been kind of right... He shivered as he got an idea, one that wasn’t all that comfortable thinking about... But in the end, he had no other choice.

Slowly, he opened the door to his hotel room, as he had left the door open when he had left to search for Sabrina. The room was dark as well, only the light from the street lamps illuminating a few outlines. Will stared at the shadows in front of him, allowing his eyes to get used to them. Then he walked into the room and let Sabrina slowly down on the bed, taking her shoes and coat off her shoulders. He left her in her underwear, not daring to undress her completely, not daring to cross that border yet. She was beautiful enough as she was, and he already shuddered from the sheer thought of...spending the night with her. Not in the sexual way, but just staying there with her. Again and yet closer. He took off his own vest, his pants, his shoes, and, for a rare occasion, his mask as well. Here, in this complete darkness, with only his beloved around him, he felt safe enough to do so. Tracing his scars with his fingers, he shuddered at the memory of the pain, of the fear and of the burning knowledge that he would forever be marked, all because of a simple slip, and the unwillingness of the doctors to at least repair his skin, all because of...

He sighed. It did not matter. His beloved did not seem to mind his scars. She loved him the way he was.

Slowly, he sat down on the bed, stroking Sabrina’s hair as she slept peacefully. “Good night, my dear.” He laid down next to her, pulling the sheets up and again kissing her hair. Soon, both were engulfed in their peaceful dreamlands, the difficulties of last night forgotten.


In the foyer, a young woman walked down the stairs so quietly one could think she was floating, yet it was only the experience she had, being used to high heels longer than her whole legs. She had noticed her colleague, and yet she hadn’t been interested in making herself known to him, only watching him and his girlfriend with a smirk. Looking around, she made sure no one had noticed her so far; before she went to the computer Sabrina had worked on and glanced over the screen. Will hadn’t bothered with turning it off, not even with looking what was up on it. Now that she saw the internet page, Karen knew it had been a mistake. She laughed quietly. He was such an idiot... Yet, this was an awkward story...

Karen sat down, licking her fingers. This would get him into trouble. Because either Lance or Sabrina did not know a thing about this....

End of Chapter 6, Part 2
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