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    All right, its been a week since I have last updated the project. I just want to say that currently i am at the 3rd gym leader in my game. I have about 3 hours of gameplay at the moment if you hurry and don't train. So, I think this game will be worth playing. Now on to the update.

    Most of the music is complete. I plan to host the soundtrack on megaupload when I sort out which i believe should be in my game. All were composed by me in FL Studio 8. They are remixes of the older pokemon music, mostly from Gen II. Gen III is used, but the majority is second Gen.

    ~New Pokemon
    I have some more pokemon that I have further implemented.
    -Kubluhkhan, Prevo to Kangaskhan. Sprites are up on my DeviantART account name: thepsynergist.

    ~Deeper Storyline.
    Currently I have Silver, whom has lost his memory after his escape from the Mask of Ice. He wants to work for Team Rocket, so he enlists and quickly becomes an officer. After he captures Celebi for Giovanni, Silver is asked to train somemore. He meets Lance after the 2nd Gym Battle and he tells Silver that he knows about the Mask of Ice and about Silver's past. He agrees to tell Silver after he gets his 3rd gym badge. When he goes en route to the 3rd gym town, he runs into Blue and Green who begin to tell him about who the Mask of Ice is, and asks for his help. Silver finally agrees after Green presurres him. He learns that Red has had his memory erased as well, and that is the reason that he has been hated by Red ever since the insident at Selentear Village, home of the 3 kyushu starter Pokemon. Green doesn't like this, but Blue is understanding. She understands that Silver would want to be with Team Rocket. Silver soon learns that the Mask of Ice, head of Neo Team Rocket, is going to be at civil war with the original Team Rocket, headed by Giovanni. Silver tells Blue and Green that he will help them, but continue to aid the original Team Rocket, so not to draw suspicion. Currently this is the progress I have made since last I made an adiquate update.

    I hope this is a good update, I will continue to update as more progress is made. Please continue to support Pokemon Pyrite.

    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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