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I'm sorry but I don't understand any of this, would someone be willing to add screenies?
in peticular the copying part and sappy part, I'm able to get the song.gba just fine, and the end of the file isn't just 00's or nothin it's a variety, I just don't understand what i'm supposed to copy (the entire file? the part at the end that seems to separate itself from rest of song.gba?) and where i'm to put the copied part, and then how to do the stuff with sappy.
do you just take the 'song part' put it at the beginning of the file then delete the rest of song.gba?
then import that track through sappy?
I'm confused so badly right now.
And to help further my understanding, is the stuff we copy the equivelant of using mid2gba (hex wise)?
eg mid2gba makes a track the same as TR makes a song.gba that contains a track equivelent to midgba output?
I hope that i wasn't very confusing....

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