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    It helps being on the "inside" when it comes to this story... because Cynthia is of course "borrowed" from me. She's not as twisted and evil as my Cynthia, but she has the same basic powers.

    I enjoyed this chapter, even if there was not too much Cynthia. Sabrina would sometimes confuse me with her rants, the same way Will was confused, but I liked how Sabrina always seemed to sum up what she meant. That makes things easier to understand, and I like that.

    It's pretty clear now that Lance wanted to give the egg to Cynthia but couldn't, the question is, if he wanted to in the first place, why would it be considered stealing if Cynthia had J retrieve it for her? Or did Lance have no control over his mind when he thought about giving over the egg?

    Either way, it seems to me that if Cynthia wanted to, she could take over the Indigo League right now because Lance is so helpless. And poor Lucian... out of the picture...

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