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Hack name: Pokemon Argyle

Hack of: Pokemon Emerald? *Not 100% Sure

Additional information about the hack: Your best friend found an extremely rare diamond the day before she was to become a pokemon trainer. The next day she was gone. Team Rocket has captured her. You find out later that she hid the precious argyle diamond. Her father persuades you to take the Pokemon she was to start with. Now you must race to find the diamond before team rocket and bargain to get your friend back!

Play through a brand new region. Eventually journey into parts of familiar places. Train your Pokemon through Gym battling. Fight the Elite Four, find the Argyle diamond, battle team rocket, explore new and familiar territories and eventually battle your best friend!

Finished percentage:.005%

Your hacking skills: mapping

What help or skill you're looking for: anything. scripters, spriters, etc

Additional contact information: email: [email protected] aim: imabklounger

Additional information: any ideas are appreciated.