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    Originally Posted by helaytonmobile
    I think the idea for slow start was to have an incredible pokemon with good stats and movepool, but to give it a flaw that would stop it from being a gamebreaker. With this, unless you put it on a different pokemon with worse stats, the pokemon would still ruin the fun by being incredibly amazing.

    And a little more on topic, I haven't posted here for a while (have I?:\) but it's good to see another post by Wichu, good that you're nearing a demo, keep up the excellent work!

    As for the video thing, Amethyst is a popular name and I have noticed that there are lots of videos of "Pokemon Amethyst" on youtube, however I think those videos are of a hack. But I haven't watched them, it is easy to tell that they are not your game though.
    OK, but in my defense, with a name change and a different pokemon, mine might still be a good ability.
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