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Originally Posted by HackMew View Post
Like I told you already, you can't edit the ROM as it's Read-Only Memory. Even if the ASM routine was correct, it would never work.
I must've partially misunderstood a part of the tutorial then. But to which offset in the RAM can/must I move the data to be able to change it then?

EDIT: I experimented some more, but it still doesn't work... Here's my ASM routine:

.align 2
.global test1

push {r0-r2, lr}
ldr r0, .WILD_DATA
ldr r0, [r0]
ldr r1, .RAM
ldr r1, [r0, #0x8]
ldr r2, =0x00210000
mov r2, #0x3
add r2, #0x1
mov r2, #0x6
add r2, #0x2
mov r2, #0x18
add r2, #0x3
mov r2, #0x00
str r2, [r1]
pop {r0-r2, pc}

.align 2
.word 0x003C8F00
.word 0x00200000

The offset used for the ASM routine is still 810008 (and the script is also still the same, but without the check-/setflag now, just "callasm 0x810009" and "end"). I really don't know how to get through this... Can somebody help me?
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