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    Here's just a patch with a few things repointed. It's enough for you to do some more testing.
    Basically here's all I've done.
    What it is
    				Pointer		Repoint To	Length of 1	Length
    Base Stat Data			0x254784	0xF00000	0x1C		0x2d10
    Evolutions			0x259754	0xF03FFE	0x28		0x4060
    TM HM Compatibility		0x252Bc8	0xF09000	0x8		0xCE0
    Front Pointer Table		0x2350ac	0xF0B000	0x8		0xCE0
    Back Pointer Table		0x23654C	0xF0D000	0x8		0xCe0
    Normal Palette			0x23730C	0xF0F000	0x8		0xCE0			
    Back Palette			0x2380CC	0xF11000	0x8		0xCE0
    Moveset Pointers		0x25D7B4	0xF13000	0x4		0x670
    National Dex Order		0x251FEE	0xF15000	0x2 		0x338
    Icon Pointer			0x3D37A0	0xF16000	0x4		0x670
    Icon Pallete			0x3D3E80	0xF18000	0x1		0x19C
    Pokemon Names			0x245EE0	0xF19000	0xB		0x11b4
    EDIT: By the way this is for Fire Red and I'll also add the ini if you want to use Extended PokeAmp for things.
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