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Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
I see... could you at least make a tutorial how ya did it?
It'd be extra helpful
And great new update! Keep it up
well, it's the same way when you change Pokemon Sprites....
Originally Posted by Munchlax™ View Post
This looks awesome!:D
But you got to get better at mapping, then this hack will be amazing!
Good luck!
i know, it looks empty but i will try to make it better.
Originally Posted by Colorful Summer View Post
Look. It's like editing normal tilemaps. That's how I edited the Psychic/Confusion/Dream Eater attack background.
oh yes :D
Originally Posted by loitraitim View Post

May be we'll insert new tile and somemore tile by HG/SS/D/P/P and R/S !
And to 1234...

"Mặc dù chưa hiểu cụ thể về Minigame này lắm nhưng có điều là các items xuất hiện trong mini-g này gồm item nào, hôm trước quên hỏi !"

Gut luck
Max Revive, Revive, Heart Scale, Nugget... (and i don't want to tell you all things about its )

Originally Posted by Biggee30 View Post
Man this hack looks so awesome can't wait to try the beta. Good luck with it!

We are working with graphics and tiles.. :\
And here is 1/10 (i think so) of a new idea - Pokemon Festival or .... (after you have experienced many events with Legendary Pokemon and Team Aqua, Magma, you may need to relax.. :D)
Note: this is a small thing i want to share with you, isn't a update or a map and it will look different in the future.

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