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Hello, I am glad that someone managed to caught your biggest want.
I am interested in:
Toys 'R' Us Manaphy
TRU Shaymin
Shotokan Pichu(aka Pikachu Coloured Pichu)
WCS Milotic

I can only offer some shinies:
Chansey Level 17 Lax BT
Lileep lvl 1 Brave UT
Mudkip level 1 Lax UT
Hoohoot lvl 15 Gentle UT

I have many others, but as they are not cloned, I cannot afford to give them to you.

Note: All the pokemon that I am offering you, have been cloned. I don't know if you are against cloning, but I'm pointing it out to be honest with you.
my platinum fc: 0861 0965 3604
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