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    Originally Posted by joshuatm View Post
    lol ok thank you! i know what you mean, when i got a japanese event eevee to my uk game, and i evolved it, the names became english i was annoyed. but are you sure it doesn't just make the name of the region it was evolved in? doesn't it still keep somewhere where they were originally from? (i'll check, you'll probably right.)
    i'll try and get your pinsir on here aswell, seeing as you are appriciative!
    anyway what can i say, you are very lucky!
    so after i get your pinsir i will pal park them together, and i'll post back here.
    -edit. pinsir is only on leaf green...
    -edit. after 30 pinsirs, i realised that moldbreaker wasn't introduced until gen IV... sorry. or... i might chain for them... hmmmmm
    You're too kind.

    I'll make sure you get plenty of rewards for this!

    Originally Posted by Valen View Post
    would u like a shiny milotic french?
    Sure, what do you want for it?

    Originally Posted by uchiha sasuke View Post
    Hello, I am glad that someone managed to caught your biggest want.
    I am interested in:
    Toys 'R' Us Manaphy
    TRU Shaymin
    Shotokan Pichu(aka Pikachu Coloured Pichu)
    WCS Milotic

    I can only offer some shinies:
    Chansey Level 17 Lax BT
    Lileep lvl 1 Brave UT
    Mudkip level 1 Lax UT
    Hoohoot lvl 15 Gentle UT

    I have many others, but as they are not cloned, I cannot afford to give them to you.

    Note: All the pokemon that I am offering you, have been cloned. I don't know if you are against cloning, but I'm pointing it out to be honest with you.
    I don't need any of those, but I'm feeling extra kind today(Due to a certain Qwifish catcher extraordinaire), so I'll take them.

    The Milotic is on Platinum, so it will take two trades, one with my Japanese Platinum for the Milotic, and one with my Pearl for the other three.
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