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ROM Hacking Discussions

ROM Hacking is something that needs to be discussed, and on a daily basis. The place to freely do that without spamming is Visitor Messages, Private Messages and the chat. But why not make a whole thread where ROM hackers can discuss, well ROM hacking? Whether it is discussing a hack, showcasing new skills or just general ROM hacking talk, it can be done here! This thread can also be used as a screenshot showcase, for people who don't have a thread for their hacks.
By Manipulation


  • Discuss ROM Hacking topics only.
  • Discussions about a ROM Hack go to its thread if there is one.
  • No asking for help. For help, go to the Simple Questions or Script Help threads.
  • Map discussions go to the Map Rating/Review thread.
  • Shiny Gold discussion will be considered as off topic.