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Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
Oh yeah, you gotta at least give it a try. The music is amazing! It gives you so much more freedom and it also helps in scripts because there's a track to go along with pretty much every situation you can think of^^
The thing with the tilesets is that the primary tileset is smaller but all of the secondary tilesets are larger. For me, personally, this is great because I always find I'm running out of room in the secondary tilesets. Not only that, you also get more blocks as well (as opposed to tiles) which is great for lots of block edits. Also, the primary indoors tileset (Tileset 20? Or is it 12? I'm not sure) is empty (except for a few PCs and random items) and all the palettes are blank as well. All indoor maps in R/S/E use the secondary tileset for all of their tiles/blocks, which gives you the option of filling the primary tileset with whatever you want!
Another thing: Emerald also comes along with all of the benefits of Ruby & Sapphire, including RTC (giving you the option of a Day/Night system), berries, Pokénav, tons more OWs, the list goes on and on. Be careful when you're experimenting with it though. It's very easy to get hooked ^^

Ooh, I forgot! And whenever you enter a town/route/city/underwater or whatever, the box that the name is displayed in changes, depending on the location!

More stuff: R/S/E tilesets hold up 512 tiles and can accommodate up to 512 blocks as well (512 == 0x1FF by the way).
Just wondering, is there more overworld palettes? And I knew about the box thing with routes showing like a wooden drop down. More blocks = more block edits = better maps. ^_^ I'm liking the sound of this already. It just sounds so much more powerful than Fire Red.

And a lot of room for new indoor tilesets interests me and sounds amazing. Now I'm really wishing I didn't have to leave for work now. I just want to try this stuff out, haha.
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