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    Originally Posted by sasquatchd00d View Post
    Concerning Emerald's overworld palettes, I counted twenty five palettes whereas Fire Red only has nine and Ruby has seventeen. So inserting new overworlds will be quite easy in Emerald. Much more overworld diversity can be shown using Emerald. I'm actually surprised at how little Fire Red has.

    And concerning the Fire Red interior tiles on Emerald, if anyone wants a patch I can do that fairly quickly. It will mostly be block editing to match the Fire Red blocks, but I'm sure that won't take that long.
    Yeah maybe there will be more Emerald Hacks... That would be nice to see, as well as some tools that can be used to edit emerald data (with the right offsets lol). Speaking of which, is anybody making an attempt to create some tools to "stabalize", if you will, Emerald ROMs?

    I need some help on shiny gold. I am at the *shot*

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