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Originally Posted by sasquatchd00d View Post
Am I doing something wrong or what? x_x

I already encountered problems trying to insert Fire Red indoor tiles into Emerald. For some reason the marts use tiles from the primary tileset even though they have their own secondary tileset. x_x
I'm pretty sure I could just remap them with the secondary tileset to fix this, but I'm lazy. I guess the only problem here is just my laziness. Whatever. I'll do it sometime soon.

Someone will probably point out an easier way to do this after I do it or something and I'll be like, *facepalm*.


Okay, maybe it's my ROM but when I block edit tiles from tileset 16, it block edits them automatically in tileset 17. Are they connected or what?


*facepalm* on my part. I checked the tileset offsets in the header tab and they're nearly identical. I'm fairly certain I could fix this problem just by moving one of the tileset's data to a free offset.
Unfortunately, the computer which I hack with doesn't have internet access so it's either hack or go on PC. Therefore, I can't really actively help you out on this one. Though I will experiment later and put any interesting findings up here later.

Well it's good to see I could convince a few people to give Emerald hacking a shot
Though I'm serious: if you already have another project (especially one on the FR/LG code base), you may want to stay away from Emerald, else you'll never go back
I've already discovered a few nifty tricks that you can only do in Emerald but, again, all my hacking stuff is on another computer. I'll post them later if anyone's interested.
Good luck with the tileset project!

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