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    For anyone who's interested, I've just submitted a 'tool' to go in the Toolbox. Actually, it's technically an RMXP game with gameplay replaced by the ability to edit ROMs
    I've only added one feature so far, which is a Pokémon icon editor; it's based on the scripts I used to insert every single D/P Pokémon icon for the '65535 Pokémon' project. Unlike IconED, it can actually import image files :O I'll add more features later; if inserting new Pokémon is your thing, then check it out when it gets approved.

    Also, I made it compatible with the Pokémon Essentials icon naming scheme and image format, so you can technically import icons copied directly from there. The only problem is that I haven't implemented a numbering system converter yet, so you'll have to rename the images if you want to do that.