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Originally Posted by ~MagmortaЯ~ View Post
10ANNIV Absol (Sassy, UT)
10ANNIV Celebi (Modest, BT)
10ANNIV Celebi (Bashful, UT)
10ANNIV Lugia (Quirky, UT)
10ANNIV Ho-oh (Lonely, UT apart from Fly added)
10ANNIV Raikou (Timid, fully EV'd)
10ANNIV Espeon (Hasty, UT)
10ANNIV Suicune (Bold, UT)
10ANNIV Blaziken (Naughty, UT)
10ANNIV Dragonite (Lonely, UT)
10ANNIV Typhlosion (Timid, UT)
10ANNIV Tyranitar (Rash, UT)
10ANNIV Latios (Modest, UT)
10ANNIV Latias (Modest, UT)
10ANNIV Moltres (Naughty, UT)
10ANNIV Zapdos (Naive, UT)
10ANNIV Articuno (Lonely, UT)
10ANNIV Entei (UT)
10ANNIV Alakazam (Hasty, UT)
10ANNIV Umbreon (Careful, UT)
10ANNIV Bulbasaur (Serious, UT)

Check my thread, and by the way your shiny 10 Aniv suicune is hacked, no 10 ANIV Pokemon can be shiny
I have no shiny 10ANNIV Suicune, that one's from FireRed/Leafgreen. Don't ask me why I put it in the Events section, I had nowhere else to put it Dx
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