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    The KO of Brock will be even more difficult for me and Leera to pull off. >D This is one of the bonuses of being a Recurring character. I won't have to describe it, will I, Charizard? ._.; Or since you're allowing GP Contest posts for Pewter City, are you going to spare one for me in a Gym battle? Because if i'm not mistaken, I think that it's in Pewter City that I obtain Shay, my Geodude.

    ; And my apologies for being MIA on Im. I'm still kickin' it in Sandland, and it's actually officially my last full day here. Tomorrow we're packing, and then heading back to Kentucky Saturday night. The likes of me will be lurking around Im sometime mid-Sunday, I hope. ;

    Also, regarding the contest, Starla, in true Starla persona, will immediately want to take part to prove that she's ace in contests as well, but will ultimately decide not to in the end, because much like me, won't really understand what it's all about. We'll just stick to battling. :]

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