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    Colorful Summer: Anything new that's not in the credit list is my own work. So yes, I made the tiles myself.

    Ruka Prince, rikudaman, Vannah☆: This is just the beta sprite. I might change it a bit in the process.

    cooley: Instead of one long big story I decided to do 10 seperate stories. One about each leader and some other characters.
    Also I'm planning on having some more mature stories where other characters experience things like love, death of a beloved one, and things like that. I'm still not sure about it.
    Anyway, the Cyndaquil in StarGaze hotel (the screen in your post depicts this) is just a OW walking around. It doesn't follow you and this is the only place where you'll be able to see one of your Pokémon outside of your team.

    It's peanut butter update time!
    These are the gym leaders you'll encounter troughout your adventure. All of them will have their own storyline (and ofcourse a gym).
    1. Ravarok
    2. Aso
    3. Serena
    4. Silver
    5. Sander
    6. Quil
    7. Samira

    Yes, 7 gym leaders, but you are the 8th.

    This update is about the 7th leader, actually it's about her gym. This update will be between the spoiler tags, so you won't be spoiled.


    This gym is a dragon gym, associated with rough power by the junior trainers in this gym.

    The puzzle works like this: Samira stands behin a gate, to open the gate you'll need a code. The code is kinda like a binairy number, with 1 being on and 0 being off (or was it the other way around?)
    Anyway, by turning the 8 statues in this gym on or off you'll opnen up the gate (if done in the right manner, obviously)

    Left: this statue is turned off
    Right: after some interaction and a small earthquake the statue is now turned on

    There are 256 possible combinates and every time the code is generated randomly. Sounds impossible to solve, right? Well, no.
    Every trainer you beat will give you a hint about one of the statues and whether it should be turned off or on.

    Yeah, brace yourself for the only way to possibly solve this puzzle.

    Yeah, you should really change that statue.

    Now it's correct. :O

    There is one small problem: there are 8 statues and 5 trainers that will give you a hint. So you'll need to puzzle out the rest on your own.