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    No Umbry, you and Starla will not have to describe your adventure through Pewter City. Since you're re-occuring characters it wouldn't really fit in, since we're about to say goodbye. Maybe we'll meet up again after Mt. Moon, with the Karate Masters. Then you'll have your Geodude by then.

    For all of you out there that don't know how the contest system in Kanto works, here goes:

    In Kanto, there are altogether four contest stadiums, each with a different contest rank. The rank in Pewter City is NORMAL, and the winners there will be able to challenge the Super Rank contest in Celadon City, then the Hyper Rank in Saffron City, and finally the Master Rank in Cinnabar Island. Each stadium has five segments, they are: Coolness Segment, Beauty Segment, CUteness Segment, Intelligence segment, and Strength Segment. Each Stadium gives out three ribbons for each Segment a day, so thats two winners a day for each segment. The contest is not about power, its focus is on appeal and charm. There are two portions to each contest: The first round is based on appearance, the pokemon are placed in small rings for the judges to evaluate. A way to help your Pokemon look better is by feeding them Berry Powder mixed into their PokeFood. The Second round is based on Attack Appeal! Where a two-minute battle takes place based on the pokemon's attacks. The more beautiful,strong,intelligent,cute,or cool you make their attacks. The more points you get. Once a coordinator receives all twenty ribbons, they can take part in the Grand Festival which is held in the SeaFoam Islands. The Grand Festival is held a month before the Kanto League Tournament, and the winner walks away with the Ribbon Cup.

    I've decided to give one ribbon to Iris because she's a coordinator, and you don't have to post about it, but who gets the second? Tai or Edwin??
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